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Founded in 2020 by Alix Kieser, Square Ledgers is more than just a bookkeeping service—it's a lifeline for entrepreneurs drowning in financial details. When Alix embarked on this journey, it was not just about establishing a venture but forging a pathway for fellow entrepreneurs. The joy of building Square Ledgers comes twofold: crafting her own business success story and liberating other passionate visionaries from the maze of tedious financial details.

Understanding the financial intricacies of a business is daunting and often sidetracked unless there's genuine motivation. Alix recognizes that this negligence, while seemingly benign, can spiral into significant setbacks for a business owner. This is where her expertise as a bookkeeper shines—taking that weight off your shoulders. With an expansive portfolio, Alix has collaborated with small business owners across various industries. This diverse exposure has bestowed her with unparalleled insights into the gears that keep small businesses ticking, the challenges they grapple with, and the strategies to elevate their operations.

Does this sound like your story?

  • Juggling countless roles, your core passion takes a backseat.
  • Your day is consumed with managing operations, leaving no room to tackle the financial elements.
  • Determining your pay is a puzzle, and those quarterly tax payments loom large, threatening unexpected woes.

If you resonate with these challenges and yearn for a meticulous set of eyes to scrutinize your financial landscape, Alix is here for a conversation. Trust Square Ledgers to let you refocus on what you genuinely love—running your business, uninhibited.

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